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Massive Dump!

And I am not talking about poop. I went to a couple of workshops (one being an all day event with lots of models) and I have some drawings to post.

Jakep1112712 Jakep2112712 Jasmine12112 Malef12112 Malefr12112 Maleling12112 Malelingp212112 Malenude12112I will post soon other stuff, especially since I am unfolding my master plan very soon…sooner than soon.

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Sketchbook Pro Warmup

Yeah I’m never 100% sure what I’m doing. I need to watch some tutorials on youtube or something, this is a great program and probably has a lot more capacity for use than I can figure out.


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Warm Up Dragon.

The title pretty much says it all. I wanted to draw a dragon head as a warm up today, I did, and now I may need to warm up some more.

Hashtag: Back On Track. (I am aware I didn’t actually do the “Hashtag” as #)

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