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Oh Gentlefrogs!

Painting done as a test but it will eventually be a present for my mom.Image

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Acceptance Continued:



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I really want to start a new painting series based off of these sketches. They’re MMA beating inspired drawings.


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Phone Conversation.

I did a phone conversation drawing based off of the model from a Sketchy’s workshop I did last night.


And below is the sketch of the model, which I also submitted to the Sketchy’s tumblr:


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Massive Dump!

And I am not talking about poop. I went to a couple of workshops (one being an all day event with lots of models) and I have some drawings to post.

Jakep1112712 Jakep2112712 Jasmine12112 Malef12112 Malefr12112 Maleling12112 Malelingp212112 Malenude12112I will post soon other stuff, especially since I am unfolding my master plan very soon…sooner than soon.

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Nablomo not going so well so I decided I’m going to start in the middle of the month.

Here’s a little something and I will try very hard to make it daily from here on out.

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Backbutton Lateness

Buffer is what I most definitely needed. It’s funny because I thought about this exact thing on day one, if I should create some buffer posts for those days when things happen. I thought to myself “I’ll wait” which has always been the kiss of death for me. I always have real life interruptions that constantly prevent me from the internet and from creating, which are both horrific for me. I always have goals that involve both things. So maybe I’ll catch up to the daily posts tomorrow but for today I will leave you all with this doodle I did some weeks ago to cheer up a friend. (it’s some famous tattoo model or something)

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Deer Sketch

A sketch that I colored digitally super quick, and I sort of left unfinished in the coloring department. I really don’t like spending too much time on something that’s just a quick idea. So I figured enough was enough and I’m happy with it as is. I was going to post this on my deviantart, and I might still do that, but for now it’s posted here. Kind of an unusual drawing for me, but then again I do alot of unusual style or unusual in general drawings.Image

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The Moth, The Sketchbook, and Sketchbook Challenge!

So I started a sketchbook challenge and failed miserably in august and I wanted to start another one again starting Oct 1st. But I’ve only done a couple of pages. It also doesn’t help that I am drawing in other sketchbooks too. In any case I am going to put together an edited sketchbook by collecting all my nice sketches from every book. This moth drawing will probably be in it.

Hopefully I can catch up on my sketches this month, because I have 2 more weeks.Image

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Dr. Sketchy’s Anaheim Chapter!

So tonight I went to a workshop and did mostly terrible drawings of the beautiful Charlie. One drawing of the night stood out pretty much and that wasn’t even the contest drawing I did (which won, and I got a t-shirt out of that).


I also got a really nice drawing out of a previous Dr. Sketchy’s (Anaheim) workshop of Ivy D’Muerta’s head, with a fake snake. I did a contest piece for that one too and I won that one also.


I might post all of those drawings on my other semi-abandoned blog, but I am not 100% sure yet. I might actually post the contest pieces on the Dr. Sketchy’s official tumblr.

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