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Quick Maquette Sketches.

I did these super quick this past sunday to make a quick maquette out of one of them. I ended up picking the bottom left one over from the far bottom left.

I started the sculpture then too, and I’ll post the progress of the sculpture soon.


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Experiments with Iphone Apps

2012-12-19 15.17.15
The green one isn’t the greatest of examples but I think there’s something beautiful there that can be made out of little Iphone apps. I think there’s alot of potential in this realm. I wan’t to experiment some more.
2012-12-20 21.52.13

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Some action screens

Action screens from the intro to the low poly web app game I am working on.


I really wanted to do the opening animation by myself, and probably thought I could, but I don’t have an animation background. I also am extremely rusty at using animation programs, so my excitement has rollercoastered for this thing. But I’m mostly looking forward to how it looks in the end, especially since my boss who is a super pro at many things is going to animate my pictures for me.

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