Sketchbook: Life.

So I find myself often going to life drawing workshops because I just have to, mostly in part because it keeps me sane.

For life drawing I primarily draw on Canson or Strathmore sketchpads (with a few exceptions here and there), often times with prismacolor or copic markers for the lay-in, then finish off with Faber Castell brush pens (which unfortunately the tips don’t last very long). One of these days I will add some more serious structured drawings.

I have a tumblr going for sketches too!

svenjune1 svenjune2 svenjune3 svenjune4 svenjune5 svenjune6 svenjune7workshopCatalyst008lrworkshopCatalyst003lrworkshopCatalyst006lr workshopDRSLA007lr workshopDRSLA008lr workshopDRSLA010lr 1980CostaMesa424003lr1980CostaMesa424001lr workshopCatalyst003lr workshopDRSLA013Catalyst WorkshopDanSteam Jasmine12112Jakep1112712Jakep21127121.13.13photo1

Poison Ivy Themed pose

  Pen Sketches 1 Pen Sketches 2


One thought on “Sketchbook: Life.

  1. Noel says:

    Very impressive. I also like to draw and paint. Thank you for sharing your talent.

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