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Little Update for My subscribers

I have recently transferred my blog to another host and it’s been redesigned, so please if you could go visit to view the newness. Thanks so much for hanging in there with me. I do have other blogs I am going to keep running on here, maybe I’ll make a future post about them too. 

Thanks again!


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Observational sketching

I recently got an invite to do observational sketching at Downtown Disney, and we ended up at the hotel where I drew this:


The back of one of four carolers that were going around the inside of the lobby together. This was a fun thing to do, and I miss doing it since I used to do observational sketching on a regular basis years ago. I may try and pick this up again.


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Failures are finger posts on the road to achievement.

-C.S. Lewis

So my 4 week challenge I’m pretty sure has failed. I lost a whole sketchbook full of drawings, and I haven’t been posting as regularly as I should, and my drawings lately have been sluggish and not happening.

So I will absolutely do the punishment I have set for myself, as well as retry the challenge again April first.

Absolutely I would love you Dominimus followers to refollow or follow that blog again since I know I can absolutely do it, and it’s not brain surgery to do 1500 drawings in 4 weeks. It’s very much a doable task, and I plan on doing it. I will update soon with pictures of my punishment, maybe.

Failures are fi…


Phone Conversation.

I did a phone conversation drawing based off of the model from a Sketchy’s workshop I did last night.


And below is the sketch of the model, which I also submitted to the Sketchy’s tumblr:


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Hello there, I just went to a workshop.

So I just went to a Dr. Sketchy’s workshop (the Anaheim Chapter) and I came back with a couple of decent sketches. There were actually a couple more good sketches too, but I am just going to post these two. I did of course edit them for fun. ImageImage

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Hello world!

Website is launching very soon.