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Sad Day and Sandwiches


As part of my mourning the loss of the 27 (?) innocent people and children in Connecticut, as well as the sadness I feel for the 22 children and 1 adult stabbed in China, I decided to be productive today. I’ll have another blog soon, a food review blog,with a cartoon character as the host of that blog called “Miss Bitch” or “Miss Sandwich Bitch”. I know my cartoons and the tragedies are an¬†inappropriate¬†juxtaposition of things, but I didn’t want my thoughts and my love to go out there without posting it somewhere.

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Little website Symbol, and a question for you.

Earlier I did this little low res image, which is actually higher res, but the higher res is kind of a mess. I need to work on it some more, and I wanted a new symbol for the address bar so I cut my progress on the larger version short.


The other day I finished drawing a humanized/human version of Rainbow Dash and I like how it came out. I may do the rest of the MLP ponies, however, I was wondering what other currently popular characters do you like to draw (anybody?)? Is there anything on the internet that’s particularly fun for artist types to draw?

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Mic Fail Night?

Mic Fail Night?

So this is basically a press microphone I made for a website as a small symbol/graphic to lead people to the “press” section of the site. I have to redo it so that there are three mics and none of them should be as weird as this one. I still like this one though it looks great as a small symbol and I’m proud of my work even with the wonky perspective and un-realness of it. Unfortunately I can’t post my other symbols, and I probably wont be able to post the redo of this one either.

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