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More Quicky Logo Goodness.

So I updated “The Crazy Joe Show” and added some things the client wanted. I also made a quick logo for a small international tea trading company.


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Revisiting older work: 2011 Coloring book

I did this as part of a group effort to make a Starbucks “around the world’ coloring book for kids. It was only for one Starbucks.
I have the character sketches floating around on my Facebook.


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More stuff…But I promise…

…I will post some actual new work soon I just have been trying to sort out everything and get back on track. Hopefully I can start posting more frequently, because I have plenty of free time now to work on my art and organize my stuff and post it online.

Above are more graphics from the FutureStars game.

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Future Stars Graphics

I figured this would be a good time for me to post the full sized graphics for Future Stars Gaming. On their website they are scaled down.

It was fun and interesting to do work in this style since it is and isn’t really my style at the same time. These were fun projects and I will post more soon, maybe related to this game (maybe!).

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Stadium concepts and stuff.

Stadium ideas I was working on for this game I’m still currently working on.


I also did these other graphics for Dr. Ma’s learning app game. So look out for the app and you’ll see a number of my own original graphics (these ones I am showing here) and a number of graphics that were probably doctored by me.


I coincidentally also made adorable pronoun graphics for this game but they didn’t like them.


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Dr. Ma Rejected Branding.

So for my work I did a little bit of branding for an App game, and my coworker Ros (Roselyn Ithiratanasoonthorn) did the background. It was well received but then the clients changed their minds, and figured my work was too silly and whimsical for the game they wanted to make. This is what the opening page would have looked like had my work been approved.

Dr. Ma

Dr. Ma’s Dragon Deck.

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Mic Fail Night?

Mic Fail Night?

So this is basically a press microphone I made for a website as a small symbol/graphic to lead people to the “press” section of the site. I have to redo it so that there are three mics and none of them should be as weird as this one. I still like this one though it looks great as a small symbol and I’m proud of my work even with the wonky perspective and un-realness of it. Unfortunately I can’t post my other symbols, and I probably wont be able to post the redo of this one either.

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