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New and Old…

So I started this as a warmup, but it kind of got out of my hands and became more elaborate than I imagined.


I hope you enjoy.

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The Great Ungnome

Art for my friends website. He did a podcast interview with me a few days ago and I needed to do some gnome art for him.

This is it:


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Catwoman: Otto Homage

February challenge??? maybe???

This is actually more of an homage to Otto Schmidt who is a super talented artist from Russia.

His catwoman designs are riddiculously good, and I’m totally in love with is work, so I highly recommend everyone google and view his wonderful stuff.


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Sad Day and Sandwiches


As part of my mourning the loss of the 27 (?) innocent people and children in Connecticut, as well as the sadness I feel for the 22 children and 1 adult stabbed in China, I decided to be productive today. I’ll have another blog soon, a food review blog,with a cartoon character as the host of that blog called “Miss Bitch” or “Miss Sandwich Bitch”. I know my cartoons and the tragedies are an¬†inappropriate¬†juxtaposition of things, but I didn’t want my thoughts and my love to go out there without posting it somewhere.

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StormTrooper Lady…

Posting a quickie, and just to note, I am still trying to participate in NaBloPoMo. This picture along with the last three are drawings I’ve done (recently but) before this month, and I posted them on my instagram and now I am posting them here. I did this drawing upon request.


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More stuff…But I promise…

…I will post some actual new work soon I just have been trying to sort out everything and get back on track. Hopefully I can start posting more frequently, because I have plenty of free time now to work on my art and organize my stuff and post it online.

Above are more graphics from the FutureStars game.

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Some action screens

Action screens from the intro to the low poly web app game I am working on.


I really wanted to do the opening animation by myself, and probably thought I could, but I don’t have an animation background. I also am extremely rusty at using animation programs, so my excitement has rollercoastered for this thing. But I’m mostly looking forward to how it looks in the end, especially since my boss who is a super pro at many things is going to animate my pictures for me.

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