I am a horrible screw up trying to find my place in this universe. In the meantime my passion is art, animation, graphics, concept art, and illustration, and pretty much all those artsy-fartsy fields.

I used to go by a pen name ConroyConroy which i have various accounts, including one of my youtube accounts listed as that. My main deviantart account is here, and that also should really be updated more too. I used to have a blog under my old screen name “Smashfaced” which I have recently deleted. Too many different names going on at once so I have been consolidating them slowly but surely.

I’m going to start a sketchbook which I will link here soon.

I try to juggle too much because I think one day that I can do it. Hopefully one day I can.

Contact me for inquiries at: HiConroyConroy (at) gmail (dot) com or memonicamunster (at) gmail (dot) com


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