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Catalyst and a Plug:

Catalyst Workshop
So I went to Catalyst workshop last night and I also want to plug my instagram here, partly because I do more frequent posting on there. Plus I have two more drawings from that workshop that you can view on there.

It’s easier for me to snap quick picks and post them, rather than to scan them, mostly because I draw pretty fair sized drawings. Most of those drawings are difficult to scan (unlike this one) so alot of things don’t make it to here, when i wish that they could.

On a rare occasion I will copy some of my stuff from there and repost it here, but I would prefer not to.

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Failures are finger posts on the road to achievement.

-C.S. Lewis

So my 4 week challenge I’m pretty sure has failed. I lost a whole sketchbook full of drawings, and I haven’t been posting as regularly as I should, and my drawings lately have been sluggish and not happening.

So I will absolutely do the punishment I have set for myself, as well as retry the challenge again April first.

Absolutely I would love you Dominimus followers to refollow or follow that blog again since I know I can absolutely do it, and it’s not brain surgery to do 1500 drawings in 4 weeks. It’s very much a doable task, and I plan on doing it. I will update soon with pictures of my punishment, maybe.

Failures are fi…


You dead!

You dead!

A quick little DA Muro drawing that literally took me less than 5 minutes. It was a forum sketch for “Your response to your spouse cheating”. I don’t have a spouse though so I’m not 100% sure this would be it.

I think I will make this my new “about” picture.

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Acceptance part 3

Acceptance part 3ufcbeatwc1

I did giant watercolors at 12 by 16 inches and took photos of them on my regular camera and my Iphone. These are the pictures from the Iphone that I took and then posted on instagram.
These are the last of the series.

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I really want to start a new painting series based off of these sketches. They’re MMA beating inspired drawings.


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Revisiting older work: 2011 Coloring book

I did this as part of a group effort to make a Starbucks “around the world’ coloring book for kids. It was only for one Starbucks.
I have the character sketches floating around on my Facebook.


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